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How to avoid wordiness

0ff661f3- ffeab0ab1f527b5acb9 c13d7e73- 910d- afb6- d3b99382b909f681. choose the correct answer for this wordiness question from a real act. explanation: even if the original sentence seems correct to you, remember our rule that shorter is better. start with the shortest answer avoid choice. that would be answer choice c. plug it avoid back into the original sentence. the sentence is avoid still grammatically correct and all of the relevant info is still there. the phrase “ being the place” is unnecessary. try your luck at another actual act wordiness question. explanation: in this type of question, you have to pick which word/ phrase can be deleted without getting rid of any information. go through the answer choices and see if the information in the answer choice can be obtained elsewhere in the sentence.

so answer choice f isn’ t correct because if we got rid of “ thirty”, we would have no way of knowing that she worked for how to avoid wordiness thirty years. if we got rid of “ in the field of education, " we would still know that she worked in the field of ed. see full list on kibin. e full list on blog. virtualwritingtutor. wordiness can also be due to the learner’ s first language. in french, for example, “ la mere de mon ami” can be translated as “ the mother of my friend. avoid ” this word- for- word translation uses five words to say what a native speaker would say in three: my friend’ s mother.

lauren was spending so many hours at her job at the zoo that her leisure time was minimal and not abundant at all. minimal and not abundant. in the next two weeks of time in the future, tarica will be receiving a check for the legal work she performed for her client. in the next two weeks of time in the future; c. in the next two weeks, d. omit the underlined portion 3. the how teacher became increasingly frustrated with the rowdy student who acted in a wild, disorderly manner. who acted wildly. Anxiety thesis statement. whom acted wildly. omit the underlined portion 4.

george, after thirty years of work in the automotive industry, was thoroughly overjoyed to retire and no longer go to his job. and no longer have to work. but no longer have to go to his job. omit the underlined portion answers: 1. dundancies are also considered another major cause of wordiness. writers in this context may include redundant words or information in sentences. for english as a second language learner, redundant words are often found in their characteristically descriptive writing. synonyms are the main culprit. in an effort to demonstrate an extensive vocabulary, the writer might repeat the same thing in different ways. readers are subjected to a lot of reading without learning anything new.

hence, by reducing redundancies in sentences, students can effectively write in a less wordy manner. eliminating wordiness exercise 2. this exercise asks you apply your knowledge of eliminating wordiness by combining sentences. click the link at the bottom of the page to see the answers. eliminating wordiness exercise 3. this exercise asks you apply your knowledge of eliminating wordiness by revising the sample passage. 3: determine whether the underlined word/ phrase is necessary. a sentence should how contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences. this requires not that the writer make all sentences short, or avoid all detail and treat subjects only in outline, but that every word tell. ( 23) strategies for eliminating wordiness.

use action verbs rather than forms of to be ( e. , is, are, was, were). for more ways to avoid wordiness in your essays, read concise writing: how to write a strong essay with fewer words. and if you still can’ t find the wordy sentences in your essay or you’ re not sure how to how change them, you can get the help you need by turning to kibin’ s editors. they’ re here to show you potential missteps and help you correct issues with flow, wordiness, grammar, and more. that way, you know what to look out for when you write your next essay. how to avoid wordiness, wordy sentences, redundant words edusson best writers · · leave a comment all writers have their unique strengths and struggles. wordiness on act english. on the act, wordiness is a grammatical error in which extra words or phrases are added to a sentence unnecessarily.

concise writing is preferable because conciseness makes a sentence more understandable and easier to follow. a writer can avoid being too wordy by reading through each paragraph and striking out any word that does not add to the meaning of the paragraph. cut out all filler words. descriptive essay thesis statement. filler words represent words which sneak between relevant phrases in a sentence but are essentially useless. you can be sure you are removing filler words because when you cut them out the sentence still makes grammatical sense. the removal of fillers can do a lot to improve the quality of a sentence. for example in a sentence starting with “ it is commonly believed that. ” avoid the word “ commonly” represents a filler which may be removed without altering the meaning of the sentence.

what is a wordiness sentence? how to eliminate wordiness? how to reduce wordiness. delete unnecessary avoid prepositions and meaningless phrases/ expressions ( “ in terms of, ” “ in regard to” “ it appears that, ” “ first of all, avoid ” “ there are/ is” ). avoid passive voice, which hides the real subjects in a sentence ( the email was sent by loretta, or loretta sent the email). writers often become redundant in an effort to be emphatic. use no more words than are necessary to convey your meaning. in these examples, the words in bold are redundant and should be omitted. does wordiness hurt communication?

if the information in the underlined word or phrase can be gathered from other words or phrases in the sentence, then the underlined word or phrase is redundant and should be omitted. i' ve created some realistic practice problems to test your knowledge of wordiness and redundancy on the act. don’ t get us wrong: in some cases, you need these avoid words. but if how you want to convey an idea or make an argument, remove words that make your readers think of slimy politicians trying to avoid stating something directly. maybe it can make a difference. no, really: it makes a difference. 2 adverbs like weasel words, adverbs aren’ t evil on. this essay, we look at how to avoid wordiness and redundancy by writing tighter sentences. use the 9 tools provided to make your writing better.

need ideas for your essays? words are an indispensable component of a well- functioning society. they allow for communication, which is essential for groups of people to work together. imagine going through a day without speaking or writing a single word how to avoid wordiness to another human being. wouldn' t that be frustrating? having established the importance of words, we must also discuss how using words haphazardly can be nearly as bad as having no words at all. this disposable sort of thinking can lead to wordiness, which occurs when more words are used than necessary to convey a message. for instance, look at jfk' s famous quote: 1. ' ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

' imagine if how he said this instead: 1. don' t worry about all the benefits of living in the united states that you may be able to take advantage of at some point in your life, but instead focus on how you as an individual will be able to improve the community of people living in this region of north america. because shorter is better, determine whether the avoid shortest answer choice is appropriate for the sentence. if a more concise answer choice maintains the meaning of the original sentence and is grammatically correct, then that is the right answer. additionally, qualifiers may result in wordiness if they how are overused in sentences. conventionally, qualifiers are used before an adjective or adverbs to enhance or reduce the quality of the modified word. english writers often overuse intensifying qualifiers such as “ really” or “ very” which distracts the readers by making the sentences too wordy. “ great” is one word. “ very good” is two. “ really, how really good” is just a wordy way to say “ excellent, ” isn’ t it? learning how to replace the intensifying words with one potent word is essential in reducing wordiness.

if you feel the need to use intensifiers like “ really” or “ very, ” it is time to improve your vocabulary. for avoid english as second language learners, especially, it is imperative to focus more time on learning potent words as opposed to many mediocre words. logorrhea is considered a form wordiness which involves the deliberate use of long sentences or overly how to avoid wordiness abstract wording. both qualifiers and adjectives are overused to create s. after you have fixed any repeating words or ideas, look for unnecessary words, which are any words that can be removed without changing the meaning of a sentence. these are words that aren' t needed. consider the following sentences: 1. she knew that the class was ending in five minutes. she knew the class was ending in five minutes. the word thatwas removed completely from the second sentence, but the meaning remained intact. another instance of unnecessary words often occurs when a phrase can be shortened to just one word, as follows: 1. as is often the case, students use any excuse for not doing their homework.

often, students use any excuse for not doing their homework. the second sentence replaces the whole beginning phrase with one word: often. avoid lastly, many qualifiers, which are words that attribute a quality to another word, can either be removed altogether or replaced with more appropriate words. adverbs, like very and extremely, are common qualifiers. read these exampl. wordiness also tends to occur when we' re struggling to clarify our ideas or when we' re tired and not thinking clearly. regardless of the reason for padded writing, we can achieve concise writing if we incorporate several strategies during the writing process and if we' re aware of the individual patterns of wordiness typical of our own writing. ielts toefl writing - 9 tools to avoid wordiness & redundancy. - duration: 24: 15. write to top 30, 341 views. georgia southern application essay. strong verbs: how to edit your writing to avoid get rid of weak verbs - duration: 9: 48.

but native speakers are also prone toward wordy sentences by employing nominalizations. using a noun instead of a verb can bloat a sentence and obscure who did what to whom. turning nouns into verbs can restore vigor and concision to your writing if we just try. 1: shorter is better. strategies for eliminating wordiness 1 you mark sections of your writing that you struggled to produce. 2 before editing, give yourself a breather. even if you just get yourself a cup. 3 learn what wordiness patterns are typical of your writing. avoid passive voice. carve it in stone: you should avoid passive voice wherever possible. for our purposes, passive voice is another way that wordiness creeps into your writing.

take the sentence. ” a nice simple, clear sentence, right? well, if you want to say the same thing in passive voice, it would be “ lunch was eaten by. the road to success avoid is not straight. there is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family. you will have flats. what does success mean to you? to many people success means to be famous or have lots of money.

but to me it means to set a personal goal and achieve it or not even that maybe making the team for a sport you tried out for or getting a good grade on a test or something. what is success essay? a film review is more than just a summary of the film' s plot. it should examine the film' s deeper meaning as well as analyze its script, direction, photography and acting quality. the reviewer' s essay should begin with a thesis statement which provides the reader with the avoid main argument of the review. start your do the right thing essay with general info about the movie, director, etc. mention that in, the film was admitted to be the 96th greatest american movie. explain in your essay why the movie is considered to be so controversial. character analysis and major themes:. movie review essay example, outline, and structure.

we recommend that you watch the film several times to gain an in- depth understanding before you start putting your thoughts on paper. during watching, brainstorm and take note of ideas and list them. movie review published by on aug. please watch john adams ( hbo series). episode 2 of season with the title “ independence. ” you can watch that for $ 1. 99 in the link i provided or you can find a even cheaper source. an interview is not considered recoverable data, so no reference to this is provided in the reference list.

you may, however, cite the interview within the text as a personal communication. smith, personal communication, aug) j. Buy essay for college. smith ( personal communication, aug). writing a thank- you letter after your interview is more than just simply saying thank you. there are several points to reiterate, items to expand upon, information to clarify, and a thank you or two to say. when writing your thank- you letter, carefully avoid consider the interview. write this thank you after then interview.

then, drop this thank you note into the mail as soon after the interview as possible, preferably by the next day. how if you forgot to send this note until a week ( or more) after the interview, send it anyway. hopefully, you sent an email thank you immediately, which should be sufficient for most employers. content how writing interview questions; q. what makes good content? how do you know if a piece of content is doing well? you want to make sure the content writer understands how their work aligns with your business strategy. good answers might include the following: “ good content should inform and engage readers, ” or “ good content drives. the best way to learn more about conclusions and bottom lines is to get few. you also need to learn where and how to start a conclusion for an essay.

the best way to start a conclusion is simply by restating the thesis statement. that does not mean just to copy and paste it from the introduction, but to put it in. you' ve probably already worked on general transition phrases as you broke down how to write a strong body paragraph, but conclusion transition words are.

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  • bonus: here’ s a few more resources to help you with eliminating wordiness: 8 steps to more concise writing; conciseness resource from the writing center at unc- chapel hill; conciseness resource from purdue owl; as you’ re writing, keep in mind that avoiding wordiness isn’ t the only thing you should be concerned with. wordiness communication is so important in today’ s world, that i’ m always puzzled by the terrible misuse of the language. many people seem to go out of their way to make things sound complicated; in fact, the legal and insurance businesses do it on purpose, i’ m sure.
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  • the third category of wordiness questions is not redundant per se but simply expresses an idea in a less than economical way. again, let’ s look at an example: again, let’ s look at an example: hanon’ s la pianiste virtuose is an exercise book that, if followed correctly, will bring about abundant amounts of success to those who take the.
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    see full list on study. wordiness during the course of a busy day, receiving a long and detailed email is seldom welcomed.


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  • worse still, the longer a correspondence is, the less likely it is to be read. see full list on blog.
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    the writing center has writing resources available with tips to help students eliminating wordiness in their papers.